Denver Colorado
The Author.
The bumpiest plane ride I’ve ever experienced in my life! No one warned me that the turbulence getting into Denver would be one to remember. I’ve never needed to use a barf bag until now. On top of that there was a bad storm, and the captain came on the loud speaker to announce the plane not having enough fuel to circle Denver airport so were diverting to Colorado Springs to refuel. The guy sitting across from me looked like he crapped his pants with every new dip through the dark grey clouds. I was nervous myself but was more focused on keeping myself from busting out laughing at his complete animation. We sat at the gate for 30 mins as the storm passes then off we go back to Denver. Once we landed I had a chance to ask him if he was ok and we both laughed about it and went our separate ways.
Eclectic, Artistic, Free & Open Minded. That’s Denver!
There’s art everywhere you look.

On every block on “The Mall” there’s a piano or tables set up to play cards, chess or any table game of your choosing.

There’re people playing the piano on the street.
Horse drawn buggies.
Bicycle taxis.
And a free public bus that takes you from one end of the mall to the next that’s the cleanest bus you’ll ever ride.

Every morning there are city workers cleaning the streets and maintaining the mall.

This is one of the cleanest downtowns I’ve ever seen.  And I’ve been to a lot of city downtowns.

At night Denver comes ALIVE! There are people everywhere. There’re comic cons, and cos play going on all the time. The restaurants are plentiful, and the food is delicious.

We got to see a live video shoot. They even invited us to come inside and stay a while.
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