Turquoise blue water, white sand, sun, fun and food.

There are no words yet created to describe the magic of Cancun.  The sun feels different on your skin.  The water smells better than any ocean you’ve ever smelt.  The people are friendlier than any you’ve met before and the food has mouth-watering flavor combinations that will leave you yearning for more.
Roof-top view Cancun, Mexico
Photograph by Gloria Washington
There’s a beautiful view from every angle.  We saw iguanas eating, roof-top pools, dolphins and even Michael Jackson (look-alike) put on a concert for us.
“There are no words yet created to describe the magic of Cancun”
The view from the yacht was…

…well let’s say it was barely there 🙂

We didn’t’ know we were passing a nude beach as we waved to the beach goers.

The laughs from others on the boat were endless.  I guess the surprised looks on our faces were hilarious. LOL

I found a palm tree that I fell in love with and later we watched as a group of happy vacationers enjoyed a salsa lesson.

And at night…

…MJ took the stage and we partied like rock stars!

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